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Chipshow LED Screen Base in the Netherlands & Serve European Clients
Dec 28 , 2020

500m² warehouse: multi-specification stock & fast delivery.

This is our warehouse, clean and tidy. In order to delivery fast and satisfy client’s quick demand, we usually ship 1~2 containers of different series LED screen or different pitches LED screen to the warehouse every month.

Warehouse keeper: Professional & quality service

We have professional warehouse management personnel in the Netherlands. After the virus outbreak, we can continue to ship normally. It has been recognized and supported by many customers. With the reduction of various events and activities in the COVID-19 epidemic, we still have many customers who support placing orders. Here I would like to appreciate for their trusts and supports, also hope their business become more and more booming.

Groningen: dynamic and convenient

The warehouse is located in Groningen where is the center of knowledge, science, culture, trade and industry in the north of the Netherlands. Here is beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation. The building here has strong Dutch characteristics, people are young and energetic. Nearly half of the population is under 35-year old. it’s also a culture landscape, because it is one of the first university cities in the Netherlands and has 40,000 students in 170,000 residents.

The transportation is convenient. There are fixed routes with more than 140 cities in the country, roads extend in all directions, and are connected to major road networks in Western Europe, such as the Amsterdam-Groningen-Bremen-Hamburg highway. There are two seaports and two fishing ports in the City. The Groningen River can dock 2000-ton ships and have fixed routes with European countries such as Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The extensive transportation conditions make the city an important trade and commodity transshipment center in the Netherlands.

Such a beautiful place, would you like to have a look ? and well do some LED screen business make some money by the way? Welcome to visit and place orders.

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