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Chipshow Portable LED screen for Traffic in Beijing International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition
Dec 09 , 2020

Chipshow Beijing International Intelligent Transportation Exhibition concluded with perfect ending.

China Internation Intelligent Transportation exhibition was held in Beijing in 18th-20th November 2020. Chipshow brought invovation LED screen such as integrated intelligent transportation solutions, portable traffic signs, variable information boards, and traffic guidance screens. 

In addition, we showed intelligent traffic screen on the spot, the practical application in the fields of public security, emergency, transportation, emergency rescue, etc. The novel design and rich functions had attracted a large number of clients.

Mini version of the portable traffic sign was very popular with the audiences. It is mainly used in public security traffic police, accident scenes, public security checkpoints, drunk driving inspections, armed police border stuck points, large conference nodes, and various emergency scenes.

This kind of mini version portable traffic sign with anti-wind and anti-rotation design and lifting function base make it very smart. The display is equipped with a black box device, built-in high-definition wireless 5G / WiFi, remote monitor, mobile phone can remote control; the whole structure adopts linkage system, and damping technology, flexible expansion, the product adopts eight-shaped support, make it more stable, Resistant to winds below level 8.

Mini version of the portable traffic sign with base wheels and rods, one person can fold and maneuver quickly.

We will show this portable traffic sign at Integrated System Europe exhibition at Balcelona in 2021. Let us meet at ISE 2021.

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