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Live Streaming,New Trade Model for Chipshow LED screen
Jan 06 , 2021

2020! A sudden epidemic caused an unprecedented blow to the foreign trade industry. From the beginning of the domestic epidemic, it was difficult to deliver goods, and then after the epidemic broke out, it was difficult to sell the goods. The wave of unrest occurred again, and the dilemma was numerous.

Faced with the cold winter of LED screen industry, Chipshow also has faced difficulties, sailing against the current, actively exploring multiple channels and opening a new sales model for our LED screen.

First, deep and rational analysis of the dilemma, the original foreign trade model "go out and welcome in", but in the face of the epidemic, in order to control the spread of the epidemic, various countries have "closed themselves". In response, Chipshow Marketing Department actively responded by focusing on online promotion, from the LED display of product details to the production of high-quality videos to increase trust.

Secondly, stand in the trend of the times, actively explore the way of webcasting, and create an atmosphere of standing in front of customers and providing high-quality products and services at close range, increasing the fun of marketing and making shopping more relaxed and interesting.

In the end, all departments are united, all the people are soldiers, and are involved in this battle to make marketing more secure.

I believe that after a long period of arduous and unremitting efforts, we will surely seek a better survival in the crisis, get out of the predicament, and usher in greater vitality. The only constant in the world is the change itself, adapt to the change, create opportunities, I believe that the future of Chipshow people will be even better!

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