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How To Choose The Best Outdoor LED Display?
Feb 27 , 2023

LED displays have become popular in a variety of industries as a new information transmission tool. The LED large screen is a type of external visual computer medium that has strong real-time dynamic data display and graphics display capabilities. Long lifespan, low power consumption, high brightness, and other qualities of LEDs will make them the top option for use in applications requiring extremely wide screens for information display. However, some people still do not fully comprehend the distinction between an indoor and an outdoor LED display. We will discuss the distinction between the two in this section.

Outdoor LED displays differ significantly from indoor LED displays. Outdoor screens with anti (rain) water, anti direct sunlight, dust proof, anti high temperature, anti wind, anti lightning, and other functions are known as pure outdoor screens.

And those between indoor LED displays and pure outdoor LED displays that are mounted on buildings, open halls, outdoor canopies, or sunshine rooftops in environments with weak light levels and use high brightness LEDs with the same brightness as outdoor displays while also lacking protection from the elements like rain, wind, and lightning are referred to as half outdoor displays.

The most significant distinction is in brightness, with indoor displays having luminance that is several to dozens of times lower than pure outdoor displays. Installing an indoor display outside is similar to installing a TV outside. Therefore, ultra-bright leds are required for outdoor screens, and many ultra-bright LEDs are frequently bundled within a pixel in order to boost brightness and visibility.

However, with the advancement of indoor LED displays, premium LED displays are also utilized to install in outdoor settings with low brightness on the grounds of waterproof, windproof, and lightning protection.

Outdoor LED displays are subjected to extreme weather conditions as high and low temperatures, high salt content, dust, torrential rain, and snowstorms. Choose the best LED outdoor display to satisfy the following requirements.

1. High protection. A high protection LED display with an IP65 or higher protection rating is required; this means that the LED display must be entirely waterproof and dust proof.

2. High security. Outdoor display screen installation methods commonly include wall-mounted installation, column installation, embedded installation, and hanging installation. Whatever installation method is used, the display structure must be stable and secure.

3. Slim and Light-weight. Outdoor display, particularly wall-mounted and embedded-mounted outdoor display. The lightweight makes installation easier and more appealing.

4. Fast and simple maintenance. Given the complexities of the outdoor installation setting, the display should be simple to maintain in the future.

5. High brightness. LED displays must have a higher brightness range when exposed to direct sunlight.

6. Intelligent. The display can be controlled remotely, its performance can be watched in real time, its brightness can be changed automatically, and it can be given greater intelligence.

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