LED screen on the wall
Chipshow LED screen Shined at Romania Autumn Symphony event
Dec 09 , 2020

Chipshow C-Lite led screen Shined at Romania Autumn Symphony event

Nietzsche said: "without music, life has no value. And symphony is king of music, is the sacred palace, and it has a broad, lofty, profound spiritual realm." 

During the business trip to Romania in September 2019, the client was holding an Autumn Symphony music events, and I was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate and experience this traditional music feast, meanwhile,I got to know this autumn symphony event holds every year. I think music is very essential for every Romania's life, for all of us as well.

The 108sqm LED display on site is Chipshow's C-Lite series P4.81 outdoor rental LED screen. The whole stage looked perfect because of the wonderful performance of the display.

Chipshow C-Lite LED screen has good flatness, light weight and thin cabinet, quick fast lock design is easy for installation and disassembling, what’s more, without fan or air conditioner make the screen more energy saving. The led screen has a high refresh rate, and high-definition picture quality, also ultra-high contrast. 

It is dedicated to stage rentals,  events, TV stations and other occasions which requires extremely high quality showing effect.

Chipshow focuses on the development and production of LED displays, and serves customers around the world with the pursuit of excellence.

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