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Chipshow C-Lite-D for LED Screen Activities Hold in Switzerlands in 2020
Dec 21 , 2020

LED Screen activities in the post-epidemic period

In February, 2020, the new coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) broke out in Italy in Europe and unfortunately, other countries in Europe also appeared one after another. The governments of various countries have paid attention to and adopted a series of measures, the epidemic situation in Europe has been gradually controlled. Many countries have reopened, struggling for economic recovery.

Switzerland, with an area of just over 40,000 square kilometers, borders Italy, was one of the countries most affected by the epidemic. After gradually unblocking, crowd gathering activities were still not fully opened. In a small town in Geneva, Switzerland, Chipshow C-lite-D witnessed the local people express their love for outdoor activities in another way in the post-epidemic period, that is drive-in cinema.

Chipshow C-lite-D has a high refresh rate and high-definition picture to meet the shooting quality of professional cameras. On-site customers have a very satisfactory experience even if they are sitting in the car watching.

Chipshow is committed to product innovation to meet the needs from different customers. The characters of this led screen can be seen as follows.

1. The power supply and receiving card are integrated in the back box and can be inserted and removed independently, quickly.

2. Multi-function quick lock connection, which is fast, convenient and simple.

3. The bottom of the cabinet is designed with an anti-collision positioning beads, precise alignment; aluminum alloy box, high strength.

4. IP65 protection, meeting outdoor requirements.

Over the past 20 years, Chipshow LED displays have been widely recognized and accepted by the global market. In the post-epidemic period of economic downturn in countries, Chipshow doesn’t forgot the original aspirations, insisted on innovation, and help customers from all over the world successfully win projects with high-quality requirements and cost-effective products.

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