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C-Lite P3.91 Rental LED Screen Sparkles in a Bar of Netherlands
Nov 30 , 2021

Bar culture originated in Europe and gradually became an important carrier of street culture. Recently, Chipshow C-Lite P3.91 series successfully entered a bar in Netherlands, with vivid colors, clear image quality, and wide viewing angles, which greatly satisfied the user experience.

C-Lite P3.91 rental LED screen sparkles in a bar of Netherlands

The following are the main features of this product:

1. Light: the cabinet size is 500*1000mm, and the weight is 17.8kg, which is easy to install;

2. Thin: die-cast aluminum design, high precision, the thickness of the cabinet is only 86mm;

3. Fast: fast lock design, efficient and convenient for assemble, disassemble and maintenance;

4. Low: Efficient heat dissipation system, no need for fans or air conditioners to dissipate heat, which greatly reduces power consumption;

5. Multiple: Compatible with multiple pixel pitches to meet the needs of customers on multiple occasions;

6. Wide: Can be used for wedding party, concerts, church, conference room, trailer, stadium and so on, get one for several usages;

7. Close: Year-round Netherlands inventory, delivery within 3 working days, efficient shopping experience.

In the future, we will continue to develop more new products based on the concept of being proficient in quality and persistent in innovation from the perspective of users, to greatly meet the various needs of customers, and we look forward to your continued attention.

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