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How to choose the LED screen according to the installation method?

How to choose the LED screen according to the installation method?
Nov 17 , 2021

LED display solutions vary with Installation Methods

1. On poles or on top of roof

The display screen is installed on the pole or the roof to broadcast advertisements, Chipshow C-Fit P2 / P3 / P4 / P5 / P6 / P8 / P10 is the ideal choice, that 960 * 960mm die cast aluminum box has low weight, high precision and high flatness of the whole screen. Then, confirm the appropriate pitch according to the screen area and the best viewing distance.

2. Wall mounted installation

The screen is attached to the outdoor wall to play advertisements. With our C-Fit-Easy P5 / P6.67/P8/P10, you can make only 300mm thick the steel structure for heat dissipation owing to its front and rear dual maintenance modules, so light weight and beautiful to hang on the wall.

Meanwhile, we can use C-Smart P4 / P5 / P6.67/P10 which is more convenient solution for the wall mounted display within 20 square meters. The module frame can be directly fixed on the wall with expansion screws that help to save money for structure and labor.

LED screen fix on the wall of the conference room, Chipshow C-MAX / C-Pad-U p1.26/p1.5/p1.9/p2.5 dual maintenance indoor display screen is ideal because of lightweight and easy to install and maintain.

3. Mobile LED screen

The display screen installed on the trailer should be light and thin, with simple structure and anti vibration. Our C-Fit / C-Fit-Easy / C-Smart / C-Lite are good choices.

4. Hanging under the ceiling

If LED screen is in the store glass but face outside, then outdoor high brightness display is nessessary, you can choose C-Smart / C-lite / C-Transparent.

If the LED display is in shopping mall and show inside, you can use the C-Lite / C-Lite-D p2.6/p2.97/p3.91 indoor display.

5. Rental screen

It is suspended on the truss, supported on the ground or stage, and used C-Lite / C-Lite-D / C-Lite-E p2.6/p2.97/p3.91/p4.81. Moreover, we always keep C-Lite p3.91/p4.81 in Netherlands warehouse, which can be delivered at any time.

6. Perimeter LED screen in sport field

It is installed around football, basketball, ice hockey and other sports venues for advertising. The C-Perimeter P8 / P10 die-casting aluminum box is equipped with brackets and rubber pillows, and the lamp surface is protected by a soft mask.

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